The Village of Thixendale

St Marys Church

Sir Tatton Sykes made major improvements to the village in the 1870s. Under his patronage, the church of St. Mary the Virgin and its vicarage were built in 1870, under the renowned architect George Edmund Street (1824-1881). Prior to this, villagers had to travel to the church at Wharram Percy. The builders were Simpson and Malone of Hull. The vestry and boilerhouse were added in 1878 by Simpson and Mallory. The Rev. William Fox was the first vicar from 1871 to 1911. He was succeeded by the Rev. Herbert Congreve Home from 1912 to 1921, and then by the blind Rev. Wilfred Armitage Schofield.

Elizabeth Jewison, from Raisthorpe, provided the musical accompaniment on a harmonium until her death in August 1877. On November 1st 1877, Sir Tatton Sykes provided a new organ for the church at a cost of £199. It was dedicated at the harvest thanksgiving.

The churchyard cross was added in 1874. It has had a plaque added to commemorate the dead of the 1st and 2nd World Wars.

The lychgate was completed in 1875 in matching stone and tiled roof.

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The Restoration of Thixendale Church

(From a document dated 29 January 1991)

Nearly two years have passed since the repair and re-covering of the main roof to the nave and the repair to the most serious of the defects has averted disaster. There are signs of similar deterioration caused by the rusting of nails to both tiles and battens over the smaller chancel roof. The vestry roof to the rear (built four years later) may have the same problem in the future. There are iron rainwater gutters and downpipes need replacing.

The enormous efforts made at fund raising by the village over all the recent years are most impressive and a matter for profound gratitude. £5.687.51 is available from this work and it is estimated that approximately £2000 in grants will be available from the Diocese of York and the North Riding County Council. It is therefore the intention of the Church Council to obtain tenders for the next phase of the work in the knowledge that there are likely to be further fund raising events this summer to complete the necessary amount needed for this stage. We even have to pay VAT on the work!

There is an equally serious need for money at the Village Hall and in future all fund raising will be a joint effort spread between the two buildings.

The Church Wardens and the Parochial Church Council are most appreciative of the efforts by the Community so far and look forward to further implementing the restoration work in the coming months.